Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fwd: Code For Fun Competition --- Ryan Tan (5C), Tan De En (5D), Keith Tan (5E) and Melissa Lin (5E) were awarded the Bronze Award

TAN CHONG YI, RYAN (5C),  TAN DE EN (5D),  TAN WEI HAO (5E) and LIN YIXIN MELISSA (5E) were awarded the Bronze Award for the inaugural Code For Fun Competition organized by Springfield Secondary School.  The competition was held on 10 July 2015 while the award ceremony was held just last Friday, 28 September 2015

The objectives of the competition are: (1) to provide a platform for Primary School pupils to develop an interest in computer programming through game development and  (2) to provide an opportunity for pupils to showcase their work and hone their presentation and communication skills. 


At the award ceremony...

The pupils trying out the top 3 games...

Details of competition...