Sunday, May 22, 2022

Task for P3/P4

Hi teachers! Before busy Monday starts, let me highlight p3/4 task - please ask them to finish their final work for Amazing Museum and submit to the assignment folder. The last hour will be there presentation ( 3 questions- why they have chosen this particular museum & introduce their projects; any difficulties occurred ;one thing they have learnt/taken away from this project?) - The project will be graded base on - match theme, clear concept, creativity, animation effects, coding and efforts. If you could provide me a name list would be grateful & thank you

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Wednesday, April 6, 2022




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There are quite a few competition . It is good for the students to go for exposure


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06 April 2022


Attention: Principal/HOD Science/IT/Eng




NRC has been an ongoing competition organized annually by Science Centre Singapore for the past 23 years with support from the Ministry of Education, various partners and sponsors. To date, NRC has attracted more than 60,000 participants and 240,000 supporters. 


With NRC as a stage for students to develop kinesthetic learning and collaboration, it encourages students to develop problem solving skills, creative thinking skills and team spirit among the participants. This is in line with Science Centre Singapore's mission "To promote interest, learning and creativity in science and technology, through imaginative and enjoyable experience and contribute to the nation's development of its human resource. 


NRC 2022 promises to be filled with many more challenges, excitement and surprises! This year, the competitions (other than CoderZ Coding Challenge) will be held live on-site at Science Centre Singapore from 29 August to 10 September 2022. The theme for this year is "My Robot, My Friend". The competition will also be opened to International Schools and overseas teams. The Challenge Webinar will be held from 23rd to 27th May 2022


This year's NRC tournaments comprise: 

1.    WRO RoboMission (Previously known as WRO Regular Category) 

a.    Primary: 8-12 years old

b.    Secondary: 13-16 years old

c.     Tertiary: 16-19 years old

2.    WRO Future Innovators (previously known as WRO Open Category)

a.    Primary: 8-12 years old

b.    Secondary: 13-16 years old

c.     Tertiary: 16-19 years old

3.    WRO Future Engineers

a.    14-19 years old

4.    NRC WeDo

a.    6-10 years old

5.    NRC Pre-school (NEW)

a.    4-6 years old

6.    CoderZ Coding Challenge (Online)

a.    Primary: 8-12 years old

b.    Secondary: 13-16 years old


Since the beginning, NRC has had the basic aim to nurture the passion of learning in students. Through the projects, and the building of the robot, students become independent learners, willing to ask questions and find answers. This allows students to expand their horizons and outlook on life, giving them the choice to make their own decisions, and thus making them aware of responsibilities and consequences.


The following are the top awards:


  1. Championship Award WRO® RoboMission
    • is awarded to the team with the best overall performance (presentation and challenge) for each category;


  1. Best Robot Performance Award WRO® RoboMission
    • is given to the team whose robot accumulates the highest scores in achieving the various mission objectives on the playing field, based on the Surprise Mission (Grand Finals);
    • winning teams will represent Singapore in this year's World Robot

Olympiad (WRO) in the Germany, subjected to prevailing travel guidelines from MOE.


Aside from these top two awards, there will be other awards that will be given to deserving teams.  


In the event that an International School win any of the top two awards, they will be acknowledged and given medals and trophies, but the next best local school will represent Singapore for the WRO International.  


Registration opens from 1st May 2022 to 31 July 2022. The REGISTRATION FEE for a team is $30, inclusive of 7% GST. A $10 discount will be given to schools that register on or before 31 May 2022.


For more information and latest updates, please visit, or email us at


Yours sincerely, 

NRC 2022 Organizing Committee 




Sunday, April 3, 2022

Instructions to P3/4 on 4 April

Hi teachers! Tmr P3/4 please let them do-
1, create at least 2 scenes for their museums
2, create 3 quiz for audience to answer
3, google search information (ie dinosaurs museum - find the information about each types of dinosaurs) to create information panel with pictures on ( at least 3 panels)

Thank you 😊 have a nice Sunday!

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Friday, March 25, 2022

Beware of new Phishing Technique ——BitB spawn

A new scam? 😵‍💫 😱 beware.

All users should protect their accounts with two-factor authentication. One other thing more experienced users can do is right click on the popup page and choose "inspect." If the window is a BitB spawn, its URL will be hardcoded into the HTML.


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