Monday, February 18, 2019

Fwd: Discontinuation of National Coding Competition (Primary)

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Subject: Discontinuation of National Coding Competition (Primary)
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Dear colleagues,


Greetings from the Computer Education Unit, CPDD.


The National Coding Competition (Primary) was started in 2014 to enthuse primary school students in coding and to provide opportunities for them to apply their coding skills. We would like to thank you for your support for the competition.


The competition is organized based on a model with two secondary schools as the main organizers and CPDD as the supporting division. We are very grateful to the following schools for organising the competition and would like to thank them for their contributions:


·       Springfield Secondary School (2014-2018)

·       Regent Secondary School (2015-2017)

·       Montfort Secondary School (2018)


Recently, we reviewed the competition and scanned the broader environment. We are heartened to note that there is a range of coding competitions organised by various organizations for primary school students. In view that there are ample opportunities for students to participate in coding competitions, we will be discontinuing the National Coding Competition (Primary) with effect from 2019.


We hope your school will continue to expose your students in programming by taking part in these competitions. We have listed a few of them below for your consideration.


Name of coding competition (Primary)



IMDA Hackathon 


IMDA National Infocomm Competition




National Primary Games Creation Competition


Wellington Primary School


National Robotics Programming Competition


Admiralty Secondary School and Nanyang Polytechnic


National Robotics Competition

Science Centre


Thank you once again for your support and understanding.





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Senior Curriculum Planning Officer (Computer Education)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

CCA Fair 2018

Date:     7 November 2018
Time:    0745 - 0935
Venue:  Math Corner


Scratch games


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Fwd: The Hour of Code is coming. What will you create?


This year the Hour of Code will be the biggest and best ever. There is so much I can't wait to share, and it starts with a special video!

Creativity is our theme for the Hour of Code this year.


Computer science is about so much more than computers. It's about solving problems, helping humanity progress, and building a world that only existed in your mind. It's not just coding, but the things that fuel it: passion, collaboration—and creativity.

In just seven weeks, we'll kick off the Hour of Code during CS Education Week, December 3 - 9th. Students worldwide will uncover something to love about computer science, to see that they too can code and create.

Join us as we post videos and stories about creativity
With 630 million served, you've helped build the largest learning campaign in history. Help us reach 1 billion! We invite students, parents, coders, artists, teachers, and creators of all walks to share what creativity means to you. You can post to social media in this format:

Creativity is _______  What will you create? #HourOfCode

Post to Twitter - ideally, include a video or photo with whatever crazy thing makes you feel creative.

Host an Hour of Code
Please join the movement and sign up to host an Hour of Code this year! Raise awareness in your school that CS is crucial for students, draw support from your school leaders to expand CS offerings and programs, and recruit students into courses.

While the Hour of Code is in December, you can prepare in advance. There are one-hour activities for beginners and intermediates at all grade levels, and exciting new ones coming! Reach beyond your classroom. Host a school assembly, a parents coding night, or an activity in your community.

Need guidance on how to start? See our easy how-to guide. You can even do an Hour of Code without computers or an internet connection! See our recent blog post with tips from experienced organizers.

All new classroom posters and robotics giveaways! When you sign up for the Hour of Code, you'll get a 50% discount on six brand new inspirational posters (while supplies last) and a chance to participate in giveaways from our robotics partners. You'll be sent a link to the posters when they are available to order.

Invite a technology professional to your classroom.* Check out our volunteer database and schedule a classroom visit! We're excited to have university students, independent professionals, and volunteers from technology companies available to make the Hour of Code even more special!

Spread the word. Technology is changing every industry on the planet, and computer science has become relevant to every career—even those outside technology and engineering. For tens of millions of students, the Hour of Code will be an inspiring introduction to crucial 21st-century skills. Help us reach even more people by forwarding this email to another teacher. Or forward it to a principal to get your whole school on board!

In only five years, the Hour of Code has engaged 10% of the world's students, giving flight to imagination for hundreds of millions. I'd like to thank every educator who's made this the largest learning event in history. You're an inspiration to me, and to all of us at Thank you for all you do for our children.

I can't wait to share's 2018 Hour of Code activities. They're our best yet! ;-)

Hadi Partovi and the team

* IMPORTANT: has performed no references or background checks on potential volunteers and neither recommends nor certifies any volunteer. It is entirely your responsibility to thoroughly check references or perform any background checks required by your school or district. provides no warranty, guarantees of suitability, or information other than the ability to contact these potential volunteers, and all liability in any use of volunteers rests only with you. Under no circumstances is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any person's reliance on this potential volunteer.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fwd: FW: micro:bit Global Challenge

Dear educators,


We are pleased to announce that there is a micro:bit Global Challenge coming up. The launch date of the challenge is 24 Sep 2018 (see details below). Do watch out for it and get your students to participate!



Can you help achieve the Global Goals? We're setting you the biggest coding challenge yet!

We are excited to announce that Arm, World's Largest Lesson and The Micro:bit Educational Foundation have co created a brand new competition called the Global Challenge.

Using the BBC micro:bit, we want you to design and make a solution to a problem that affects your community or a community somewhere else in the world and will contribute to meeting the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals). Maybe you have a great innovation which could make your school or community a safer place to be? Or perhaps you are passionate about health and wellbeing, with ideas on how to make our world a healthier place to live?

The winners of the challenge will visit London on an all-expenses paid trip and take part in an amazing micro:bit challenge day with other winners from all over the world!

Full details of the challenge will be launched on September 24 and how you can enter.

In the meantime, have a look at these resources that will help get you started.

The cross-curricular resources focus on using the micro:bit to solve problems and help achieve the Global Goals. They are easy to follow and can be used if you have worked with a micro:bit before or not. Each resource includes lesson plans, classroom presentations and student resources and are perfect for key stages 2 and 3.

There are more resources to come so keep up to date with the latest news by subscribing to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter @microbit_edu.

And don't forget to visit our Let's Code page to perfect your blocks, Python or Javascript coding skills.



Mr Chang CL

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